Daylight Projection Clock

Projection clocks are kind of ok but you really have to squint to be able to see the time. However, the Oregon Scientific Projection Clock is different. This clock’s projector is light sensative and can adjust accordingly to the various light levels that change through out the day. The clock looks quite cool and I wouldnt mind having this in the house. What ads more to it’s coolness is the ability to wave your hand at the sensor to change display settings and even turn off the alarm. That last part is not good for me though… I need the alarm to keep going 🙂

Daylight Projection Clock

The face of the clock is a black smooth surface which shows the time and temperature and ads to the sleekness of the clock.

* Daylight LED projection displays time and temperature on any surface in any lighting condition
* Displays the indoor temperature
* LCD display with animation of time and temperature
* Features an alarm clock with eight-minute snooze function
* Touchless snooze function”motion over clock activates alarm snooze function
* Projection automatically adjusts intensity depending on room brightness
* 180Ëš projection rotation
* Projection focus
* Displays digital, day, and month for easy reference
* Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display
* 12/24-hour clock format
* Adaptor included for continuous projection

It costs $89.95 and is available from Oregon Scientific.


  1. JOHN TIRITAS says

    Can you please inform me of the size of the Daylight projection clock?

  2. 138 x 88 x 44 mm

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