Levitating Clock and Shuttle

Things that levitate are cool 🙂 The levitating clock is no exception to this. It floats with the help of a magnetic field and tells the time also. With the help of a rotating mechanism it will also slowly rotate in the magnetic field also which provides even more entertainment.

To get it working you plug it in, hold the clock in the “sweet spot” and let go. If you get it right it will stay there and float around.
Levitating Shuttle

Levitating Shuttle

The Shuttle is an optional extra and does not come with a base. You need to buy the clock and base first before buying the shuttle or you will not have a floating shuttle 🙂

Features & Specifications:
* Base includes micro-processor controlled magnets
* Switch allows you to rotate objects clockwise, counter-clockwise, or OFF.
* LCD Display Clock Features (Time, Month, Day, Year, Temperature – C or F)
* Base w/Clock Dimensions (2.0L x 10.0W x 5.5D)
* 120V Power Adapter included with Base w/Clock unit
* Power consumption 10 watts
* Output, 12V AC, 1.7A
* Shuttle add-on Dimensions (10.5L x 7.0W x 2.0D). Made of metal and includes a little Astronaut!

Via: ThinkGeek

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