Tamagotchi Connexions

For those who love the little AI creatures, then Tamagotchi version 4 is now available. It has 20 games, new secret codes, new items and a messaging system. Also it boasts more online integration. If you want a virtual pet for christmas then pick one up now.


If you are not sure what a tamagotchi is then I do not know where you must have been hiding for the last 10 years. A Tamagotchi is a small electronic toy that has a pet which you look after. You need to play with it and basically look after it so it doesnt die. If you have a habbit of forgetting to feed a rabbit then this might be for you.

If features a large LCD screen, infrared connections and of course.. a virtual pet is included, or as many as you need if you kill it by accident.

Buy now from Here for 12.95 pounds.

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