LED Based Notebook from Fujitsu

LED Fujitsu Notebook
The P7230 is a new LED based notebook launched by Fujitsu. It falls in to the catagory of ultra portable and comes in 2 colours which are black or white. It weighs just 2.9 pounds and had a small 10.6″ LCD display which is in a widescreen format. For the traveller this looks to be an excellent choice with it’s light weight and small size. The unit is powered by an Intel Core Solo U1400 processor allowing longer battery life which is much needed amongst travellers. A memory card slot replaces the floppy drive, and the harddrive is also shock protected to help keep your data more safe. The price is quite high, but this is what can be expected from the ultra portable range of laptops. Prices start at $1699 and go up higher depending on what options you choose. The Fujitsu is well worth looking out for if you are about to look for a new ultra portable laptop.

Via: Gizmodo

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