The TV You can Squeeze

Giraffe LCD
The Hannspree LCD TV is a 9.6″ flat screen. As you can see above, it’s a tad different to your average TV in the way of it being a giraffe. This giraffe TV has built in speakers, a remote control, RF inputs, 4-in-1 input cable (SCA) and a headphone jack. The Squeezable TV is great for children to play with and also makes this particular TV very unique from regular LCD’s you see.

Not only can you get a Giraffe screen, but an Elephant, Basket Ball, Apple, Football and Golf ball type screen’s are also available each with a unique design. Check out more pictures after the jump.

* Over sized control buttons
* 800 x 600
* 450:1 Contrast
* Digital Comb Filter
* S-Video
* Composite Video
* Headphone Jack and Audio Inputs
* 4-In-One Connection
* Sleep Timer
* Remote

Giraffe LCD

Apple LCD

Ball LCD

Elephant LCD

Via: Misco


  1. I just need to know how much are the giraffe & elephant tv???

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