Neo N7 GPS Navigation Device

N7 Neo GPS
The Neo N7 caught my attention today due to it’s large screen and interesting navigation software. The screen is 7 inches although it is only capable of 16k colours which is unfortunate as it would double as a nice movie player and picture viewer had it been capable of much more. Movies can still be played and the device has an SD card slot so that you can play movies off your memory card. Dual core processing is an option but pricing of this option is not currently available. Full specs are after the jump.

19.8mm thick
Aluminum casing
Dual core CPU
7″ 16k colors, TFT LCD at 800 x 480 resolution
Dual touch sensor pad LED light
SiRF Star III GPS module
WinCE 4.2 OS
MS Office viewer
Support for MP3s, movies, pictures
FM transmitter
Upgradeable firmware
Remote control
Rear view camera support
SD card reader

Via: UberGizmo

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