XBox 360 Mods

XBox 360 Mods
If you want a 5.8 inch widescreen LCD putting in the side of your X Box 360 then look no further. This mod which doesnt seem to have a point was created by a mod happy firm and they are offering this mod to anyone who can find a use for it. The screen acts like your TV and displays on the side of your XBox what you would see on the TV. The only real use I can think of is wanting to run media on the device such as music. You can leave your XBox running and not have to worry about switching the TV on. Apart from that I have yet to find a real practical use for this feature. Check out the video after the jump.

Via: TechEBlog


  1. Tremayne Johnston says

    The screen in the side of an xbox is an excellent idea. I can think of a few good things about this. One: Like already mentioned you can use it as a music player (if it has speakers). Two: Travelling, if you could plug this in through the car battery or something this would work (i’d find a way to keep it still). Three: Camping, i always go water-skiing and are members of a the ski club, so when we go away for 2 weeks on christmas and stuff i miss my xbox dearly but im not aloud to take a tv with us so this is ideal. Last but not least fourth: The oh so boring trips to my grandparents that are using there one and only tv. Oh the painful 12 o’clock shows when im wishing for my 360 and a pool cue.
    Well there are my points i can see for putting a screen in the side. Awesome Idea, Thumbs up

  2. this is pretty tight how did you do it tell me

  3. yeah a great idea if you need someone to test it let me know

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