Samsung VLUU i70

Samsungs 7_2-megapixel VLUU i70
The Samsing VLUU i70 is a 7.2 megapixel camera but not only does it take pictures, it also is equiped with HSDPA and is a camera phone although the main emphasis is on the camera side. The camera has 3x optical zoom and a huge 3 inch LCD screen is on the back to view those nice pictures it will take. Features such as advanced shake reduction (ASR) is in there, as well as face recognition. Not only does it take pictures, it also plays MP3 and MPEG4. With built in HSDPA it allows pictures to be sent anywhere right from the camera.

To activate the camera it appears that you just slide out the camera which activates it ready for use. Also by sliding it out you reveal several controls for the camera. This certainly looks like the real deal but I guess only time will tell.

Via: Engadget

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