USB Motion Controlled Games

aptus_motion_control_gamesAptus have created a bunch of crazy little games that use Mini-Motion controllers. Three games are planned which are Cars of Fury, Hoverboard and Home Run King. [Read more…]

Drum Kit T-Shirt

drum-kit-t-shirtT-Shirts have a vast variety of things attached to the front of them these days from a wi-fi detector to a screen to draw on. The latest now adds a bit of noise to the equation. The drum kit t-shirt is a regular t-shirt with a touch sensitive drum machine attached to it. [Read more…]

Flying Rooster

flying-roosterThis crazy gadget is called the Flying Rooster and it literally is… just that. The Rooster is capable of being catapulted across an office up to 15 meters. [Read more…]

Briefcase PA System

briefcase-pa-systemIf you often find you have a lot to say, but not a loud enough voice to capture peoples attention then this Briefcase PA System should be on your Christmas gift list. The briefcase includes a microphone, a 20 watt amplifier, two 4 inch speakers and a built in lectern. [Read more…]

Portable Search Engine

portable-search-engineA concept device has been designed which has an aim of helping you find out where you are and what is in your local area. The device is named Seek and it is a portable search engine. The device attaches to your wrist and acts as a watch, mp3 player (video player?) and portable search engine. [Read more…]

Custom Cloned Eyeball Lamps

custom-cloned-eyeball-lampsThese basket ball sized eyeballs are amazing! They are custom built from scans of your own eyes so that the pattern and colours match exactly your own eye. They are certain to attract conversation when you invite guests around. [Read more…]

Limbo String

limbo_stringThe Limbo String is a new gadget which allows you to set up a limbo bar where ever you are. The great thing about it is that you do not need any chairs, a stick and music as everything is built in to one little handy device. [Read more…]

Camera Phone / Chopping Board

camera-phoneI came across a couple of funny blog entries today around the internet. Rather then posting as two separate posts I figured I would just bundle both funnies in to 1 post. [Read more…]

5 Second Stop Watch

5_second_gameThe Japanese come up with the craziest ideas. The latest one is the 5 second stopwatch. It seems the only aim of the game is to start the stopwatch and then stop it bang on 5 seconds to win. [Read more…]

Pocket Sized Shower

pocket-showerI can’t say I have ever thought about carrying a shower around in my pocket before, but I learned today that this is now possible with a Pocket Sized shower. What this little shower allows you to do is keep clean where ever you are. All you need is a tree or similar object to hang it from and your laughing. [Read more…]

Holographic Text Messages

holographic-text-messagesFor those who love Star Wars, you will be familiar with the cool holograms projected from R2D2. I always wanted one my self and now I can with the iPhones Holographic Text Messaging system. [Read more…]

Origami V12 Engine

origami-v12-four-stroke-engineI’ve never been too good at origami and the most I have been able to somewhat make is a bird or a boat. This engine really does test the skills of it’s creator. A man in Montreal named Yee managed to make a V12 engine out of paper. It has a few parts inside to make it “go” like a resistor, motor, battery and a few wires, [Read more…]