Cheesy Valentines Geek T-Shirt

8-bit_dynamic_lifeWith valentines day being a few weeks ago it’s time to start mentioning a few gadgets designed for this day. The 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt has 6 hearts on the front that light up when you are close to someone else wearing the same t-shirt. [Read more…]

Skateboard steps back a few Millennia

old-school-skateboard-deckCoated spotted a rather good skateboard recently. It is made from a huge timber log. [Read more…]

Napkins Calendar – Recyclable

365-napkins-calendarThose tear away type calendars could be viewed by some as a waste of paper, and therefore, not green. For this reason the napkin calendars have been created. [Read more…]

Chocolate Scrabble

chocolate-scrabbleScrabble has been around for donkeys years and is still played by many people. The general idea of the game is that you get the best letters with the highest numbers on them and make the best words going across triple letter and triple word scores. The person with the most points wins. [Read more…]

Takumi Crash Calculator

takumi_crash_calculatorThe Takumi Crash Calculator is a bizarre thing. It has a crazy looking keypad on it that doesn’t comply to the standard form of a normal calculator, and it has a special random crash mode. [Read more…]

Post A Note Pen

note-penI’ve seen tons of pens in my life, but I’ve never seen a pen that carries paper inside ready for you to write on to at any given moment. The Post A Note pen is just that… it comes with a built in cartridge that is filled with small yellow post-it notes. [Read more…]

VideoMan Projector Suit

videoman-projectorThe internet helps you to find some really cool things and some really crazy things. This time I landed on a crazy item which someone seems to have created. The VideoMan Suit utilises a projector, video camera and a powerful battery to allow you to project large images of your self around… or at least I think that’s what it does. [Read more…]

4 in 1 Mini Torch

4-in-1-torchThis little handy torch is available from GizFever and features 3 different types of light source. It has a regular white LED, a UV light to check your notes with and a laser pointer. [Read more…]

Ocarina Handlebar Instruments

ocarina-barsIn the 80’s when I had a BMX I used to stick a plastic bottle or some kind of stick on to the rear forks so that when the bike was moving it made a loud clattering noise. This concept idea uses that same principle of getting your bike to make noise, but instead uses wind through a tube to create a sound similar to that of a flute or Ocarina. [Read more…]

Dancing Robotic Hexapod

dancing-robot-hexapodThis Robotic Hexapod is capable of dancing. It was created by students at the Upper Austria University of Applied Science. A competition is held yearly where a bunch of students enter their Hexapods to see which is best. [Read more…]

Electric Guitar Volume Ring

turn-up-volume-ringThis ring is built of a bell knob from an electric guitar that is attached to a sterling sliver ring. The main thought behind this amazing ring is to “turn down the suck if you hate something, or crank it up if it is amazing”. The volume knob actually turns (although don’t be disappointed that it actually doesn’t change the volume). [Read more…]

Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

caballero_polo_shirtIf you worry about being shot while out and about and have a spare $12000 then you could buy yourself one of these Bullet Proof Polo Shirts. [Read more…]