Flying Rooster

flying-roosterThis crazy gadget is called the Flying Rooster and it literally is… just that. The Rooster is capable of being catapulted across an office up to 15 meters.

The Flying Rooster works by having an ultra stretchy neck which when stretched and released, sends the chicken flying across the room. The flying rooster has a small pocket in it’s head where you can place your fingers. You then just pull the feet back as far as it will stretch and let go for a few minutes of office entertainment.

As the rooster flies across the room you’ll hear him cry ‘Cock-A-Doodle-Doo’. Absurd to say the least, the soft bodied rooster is sure to make the grumpiest person smile and doesn’t need batteries because they’re already included.

Flying Rooster

* Flying Rooster
* Makes a ‘Cock-A-Doodle-Doo’ as it flies across the room and when it hits it’s target
* Batteries included
* Approximate dimensions: 320 x 270 x 60 mm

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  1. nobrainerdeals says

    They are pretty cute but I have so many things cluttering my office I cant get anything else.

  2. This seems to be more suitable for kids. But, what a pity, just a toy for fun and not more else.

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