Camera Phone / Chopping Board

camera-phoneI came across a couple of funny blog entries today around the internet. Rather then posting as two separate posts I figured I would just bundle both funnies in to 1 post.

The first funny picture is a photochopped image of a Canon DSLR camera and an old school phone mixed together to make a camera phone. I am sure you would get attention pulling this out of your bag every time it rings. Found via Fosfor.


The next cool gadget (cool but still crazy) is the Space Invaders icon chopping board. The chopping board is nothing special as it’s just a chopping board made of wood. However, not every chopping board has Space Invader icons etched on to it. These do 🙂 They measure 15″ x 10″ x 1.5″ and are hand-built by Cameron Oehler. Chopping board found over at GearCrave.

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