Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

This cool t-shirt has a wifi signal detector built in. When walking around the t-shirt will display the strength of wi-fi signals around you. This will save valuable minutes as it hunts for a signal for you. Once you see the signal bars increase you can then whip out the laptop and get working away. Too bad it doesn’t show the SSID’s and if WEP is enabled. It will detect 802.11b or 802.11g signals. Also the t-shirt is machine washable. Just make sure you take out the battery pack and screen before putting it through a spin cycle. 3 AAA batteries will power this beast for several hours.

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  1. Well, that looks rather cool! Man, I would get some stick from my non techy mates though!

  2. I guess it would qualify for cool… if you were in another country and nobody knew who you were 😉

  3. A perfect geek MUST always wear one :p

  4. What a loose of money ( 3 batteries each tree hours) that T-Shirt must include a solar panel to energize the wifi signal detector.
    That will be cool

  5. Cool!

  6. Now that I saw it, I imagine it would be kind of awkward to nod your head just to “check the signal”…

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