Coffin It Up – Coffin Speakers

Coffin Speakers
Made of black melamine these coffin speakers are sure to frighten the life out of anybody. Each coffin houses 2 sets of speakers one set which are 5″ 2 way as well as 6″ x 9″ three way speakers. Each coffin is 25.5 inches long, 13 inches wide and 8 inches deep. Inside there is vibration dampening material to help make crystal clear sound that even death would love to hear.

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The 14 M.P.H. Cooler

Rideable Cooler
This must be one of the funkiest cool boxes around. This particular model as a 500 watt motor built in which allows you to ride it up to 14 MPH. Inside the 14MPH Cooler you will find a space for up to 24 12-oz beverage cans as well as space for 8 lbs of ice. The drivable chiller allows you to travel up to about an hour which will see me to work and back each day. The frame is light and durable as it is built of aluminium. To stop the hefty 14 MPH beast it employs the use of disc brakes.

Another plus side for this cooler is the ability to open it up while driving it and they have also included a cup holder so you can have quick access to your drinks. It will support up to 300lbs of weight although the seat for some reason is sold separately.

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Onion Goggles

Onion Goggles
If you suffer from tears when chopping Onions then the Onion Goggles will sort you out. The onion goggles have fog-free clear lenses along with a foam seal that goes around your eyes to prevent the onion vapors from making you cry. The glasses will fit most faces and guaranteed to make you look weird.

They cost $19.95 which seems a little steep although it could be perfect for a person with a full time onion cutting job.

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Cologial Marble Run

You may have seen a rube goldberg type contraption on Youtube. They are the devices which include almost every square inch of your house and everything in it and basically keep a flow of movement going from start to finish with out human intervention. Objects such as toasters popping out toast to hit a switch to turn on a flame which burns a string which launches a bowling ball are commonly seen in these devices.

ThinkGeek now brings us a miniature version which allows you to have all the crazy fun at home. The little contraption (video below) is fully customisable and allows you to set a course for the small ball to follow till it hits the finishing marker. 97 parts are included in the box along with 23 different types of mechanisms for the moving marbles. The toy looks great fun 🙂

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Dog Washing Machine

For $30K you can pick up a dog washing machine. Apparently they have been around a while, but I personally haven’t heard of one before. This particular one is supposed to be the best around (hence the $30k price tag) and is completely safe for dogs to enter. Just don’t try using the spin dry function 😉

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GPS Mouse – A Worlds First?

GPS Mouse
When thinking about what devices would work well together such as an MP3 player and phone, you probably wouldn’t think of putting a GPS receiver in a mouse. This is what Deluo have done and created what is possibly the worlds first GPS mouse (I have yet to confirm that). Adding a GPS to a mouse seems a little odd, but at the same time it could work well for people who regularly carry a laptop around and need to quickly check where in the world they are. The GPS receiver can track on 16 channels and the mouse has a retractable USB cord allowing you to keep the cables neat when traveling. Power to the GPS mouse is provided by USB so that no batteries are required.

The DeluoGPS Mouse costs $94.34 currently at Amazon. This version comes with Microsoft Streets.

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Echo Bot – Insult your Friends

echo bot
If you feel the need for a bit of a laugh and want to hand out insults to work colleagues with out them knowing it’s you then go and pick up an Echo Bot. The Echo Bot is a 1 eyed alien which can record a message of up to 10 seconds and then play it back when someone walks with in a meter of it. The motion sensor inside picks up who is in proximity. I cant see this one frightening people away from your home, but it will brighten up the office for times when things are just boring.

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GPS Watch from Pyxis

GPS Watch
If you are an exercise freak then you need to grab one of these GPS watches. The watch has a ton of features which will help you know many things such as time, speed, distance, calorie consumption as well as a database to store the lap times and routes. The watch is fairly large and appears to have a USB port for connecting to your PC so you can analyze the data on the big screen.

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Water ButtButts

Before you ask, I have not got a stutter. The Water ButtButt is called that because it’s a water butt, that is actually a butt. It was designed by Gerardine and Wayne Hemingway who wanted something more contemporary. To be politically correct it has been made in 3 colours. It is fitted with a tap and can store 215 litres of water inside.

Available over at GoneGardening for £89.99.

Large Human Powered LCD Screen

Well, it had to be done. A crowd of people at an arena have formed themselves in to a human LCD. No doubt it is all pre rehearsed, and they cannot display things “real time” as they happen. But still, fairly cool to see. At this time I have no idea where this is located, but from the symbols they create and the symbols at the bottom of the stand, it seems to be out Korea, China or somewhere that way.

Texting Mouse Trap

The RADAR super mouse trap is capable of sending a text when it captures a mouse. It has infra red beams, a trick floor and a poisonous gas dispenser. When a mouse is detected a measured dost of gas is pumped out killing the mouse. Looking at the image I was expecting to see it is a concept device… but fear not, this thing is for real. Once the mouse is dead it also fires off a text message to you with an update of the mouse being killed. Seems a bit unfair for the mouse, but Rentokil say it’s a humane way of dealing with it. Tech Digest at the link at the bottom of this post have an image of the actual device.

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French Bread Wrist Rest

The perfect type of wrist rest has to be French Bread. The baguette shaped wrist rest isn’t actually made of bread though. It is made from foam rubber which its size is ideal to keep your wrists comfortable while writing.

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