Origami V12 Engine

origami-v12-four-stroke-engineI’ve never been too good at origami and the most I have been able to somewhat make is a bird or a boat. This engine really does test the skills of it’s creator. A man in Montreal named Yee managed to make a V12 engine out of paper. It has a few parts inside to make it “go” like a resistor, motor, battery and a few wires, but the main engine it’s self is just paper. 1978 pieces of paper were used to create the engine. These parts were cut out of 195 sheets with the printed patterns on.

It’s crazy that Yee has the patience for this. I tried making an R2D2 once from pre printed sheets and made a right mess up of even cutting the shapes out 🙂

If you have the patience to cut out the 1978 pieces then take a look at the link below where you can actually buy the plans and parts.

Instructions Via: LikeCool

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