Holographic Text Messages

holographic-text-messagesFor those who love Star Wars, you will be familiar with the cool holograms projected from R2D2. I always wanted one my self and now I can with the iPhones Holographic Text Messaging system.

Yeah, so it’s not really real and it’s just a mocked up video, but still, it’s good to wish for something like this in the future. Sorry if the news it was fake disappointed anyone… but did you really believe it anyway? 😉


  1. Electronic Gadgets says

    No, I didn’t really believe it, but I wanted to. Given that there has been no evidence of this in a larger form, there is no way that these gadgets could have this technology.

  2. MR C001 on XBOX Live says

    Well, im pretty sure it’s unreal. The most i have seen when it comes to holograms is colorless ones; just blue and clear. I saw it on the History channel or something, but they are real, just not THIS advanced.

  3. expunge abject
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