Briefcase PA System

briefcase-pa-systemIf you often find you have a lot to say, but not a loud enough voice to capture peoples attention then this Briefcase PA System should be on your Christmas gift list. The briefcase includes a microphone, a 20 watt amplifier, two 4 inch speakers and a built in lectern.

When you open up the briefcase the lectern pops up allowing you to place your planned speech. Two microphones are included which are a handheld version which can attach to the microphone arm which is part of the briefcase. This mic includes 9ft of cable for those who like to wander around while speaking in public. The other version is a 3/4″ lavaliere model which clips on to a tie.

Controls for the audio can be found on the side of the case where you will also see line-out ports for external speakers and a tape out so you can “tape” your speech. The PA Briefcase is powered by eight C sized batteries or if you are lucky to be next to a power source then you can plug it in to the mains.

The Briefcase PA System is available from Hammacher and costs $349.95.

Briefcase PA System Conclusion

This is just plain weird! 🙂

Via: GeekAlerts

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