Pacman is now a Guitar

pacman-guitarPacman is popping up a lot recently in the form of a stop motion animated version and various others. Now, Pacman appears to have eaten a guitar and is now a Pacman Guitar.

Pacman’s mouth has the neck of the guitar sticking out of it and has blinking lights in which the speed is adjusted by a control situated on pacmans eye. [Read more…]

Clip-On 3D Glasses Prepare you for Impromptu 3D Movies

Now that 3D movies are starting to become more popular you often might be caught out with out the classic red and blue glasses needed. These clip-on 3D glasses will ensure you never miss out on impromptu 3D movie action. [Read more…]

Banzai Titan Blast Rocket

banzai-titan-blast-rocket2This amazing looking rocket is capable of launching up to 100 feet in the air. It stands a hefty 7 feet tall and is inflatable.

It is called the Banzai Titan Blast Rocket and takes just minutes to set up and launch. It works by you filling up the base with water and then you pump the base until pressure is built up which then launches the rocket. [Read more…]

iPhone Cufflinks

These miniature iPhone Cufflinks have been created by and are shaped, as the name suggest, like iPhones. Each comes complete with all the favourite apps on the home screen and the screen is mounted on to a silver plated setting. [Read more…]

Let your Followers know you are Alive

twitter_deviceA group of Twitter users have been working on a project that is named the Akiduki Pulse Box. The project box automatically updates your twitter account with your heartrate details which in turn, lets your followers know you are alive.

The box has a button on top that you press for a few seconds. The box then captures data and posts the heart rate as well as a quick evaluation on how you are doing. [Read more…]

Nano-Tech Aqua Dance Game

aqua_dance_gameThe Aqua Dance Game uses nano-technology to create hyper-beading water particles. What you do is fill up the tank with regular water, push a pump a few times to pressurise the water. You then turn a lever underneath that controls the size and speed of the water beads and then sit back and watch the crazy water bounce off the nano-tech surface which causes the hyper-bead to happen.

With the reduced friction the natural surface tension of the water takes over to create some unusual liquid dynamics. You’ll find beautiful patterns in the water that are different each time. The ridges and funnels on the surface scatter the water in unpredictable ways as it zooms like quicksilver to the bottom.

[Read more…]

Electronic Paper Box Opener

If you have a fascination with popping bubbles then you probably already own a bubble wrap toy popper. For those who have a thing with tearing cardboard boxes open you probably want one of these… an electronic paper box opener. The device allows you to emulate the noise of ripping open a card board box which gives you that anticipation over and over as if you were receiving a new gift hundreds of times a day. [Read more…]

Lego Sunglasses – Crazy?

I’m not quite 100% convinced with this pair of sunglasses. They feature Lego arms which allow you to connect up Lego bricks of any variety to them. Weather it be blocks, Lego men, Lego Space, Lego whatever you can connect it up and for the seriously adverturous you could make a whole helmet to wrap around your head.

My thoughts are now that it falls in to the crazy category. The Lego sunglasses are designed and built by a French optical company named Lynx Optique.

Via: Craziest Gadgets

Wiimote Soap

The Wiimote Soap has now arrived. The soap includes coloured decal raised buttons and is scented with coconut lime verbena. [Read more…]

PSP Cobra Stand

psp-cobra-standThe Cobra Stand is built to handle the PSP 2000 and 3000 series consoles. 2 stands are available in this pack. The first is a traditional suction cup type stand which allows you to attach the PSP to your windscreen or any desk. The stand is flexible and measures 26cm. [Read more…]

Lamborghini takes a Swim – Becomes Amphibious

Upon seeing the title of a blog posts saying a Labborghini was Amphibious I was expecting to see a picture of a sad bloke upset that his Lambo sunk in the water and was destroyed. I was surprised when I actually saw a Lamborghini floating around the water like boat. Check out the pictures below! [Read more…]

Multi Tector – Idiot Detector

multi-tectorThe Multi-Tector is a fun gadget that allows you to shout out the “Idiot” among you. 6 different settings can be found in the multi-tector that can be chosen to point out who is who. I’ll explain further… [Read more…]