Drum Kit T-Shirt

drum-kit-t-shirtT-Shirts have a vast variety of things attached to the front of them these days from a wi-fi detector to a screen to draw on. The latest now adds a bit of noise to the equation. The drum kit t-shirt is a regular t-shirt with a touch sensitive drum machine attached to it.

Seven different drum sounds can be played through this shirt…

Product Features

* Tap the drums on this shirt and they actually play through the embedded speaker
* All drums on the shirt are playable. 7 Different drum sounds in all
* Battery pack with speaker stores in hidden pocket near hem of shirt
* Adjustable volume… the top volume level is really loud
* Black 100% cotton shirt
* Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)
* Exclusive product designed and manufactured by ThinkGeek

Washing Instructions

1. Carefully peel drum decal from front of T-Shirt
2. Unplug ribbon connector behind decal and remove decal
3. Unplug battery pack and remove it
4. You can leave the ribbon cable inside the shirt
5. Machine wash gentle cycle on cold
6. Hang to dry
Please Note: If you plug the ribbon connector into the drum decal backwards the shirt will not play properly. Just reverse the connector and all will be good.

The drum kit t-shirt costs $29.99 from ThinkGeek.

Via: TechChee

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