PSP Cobra Stand

psp-cobra-standThe Cobra Stand is built to handle the PSP 2000 and 3000 series consoles. 2 stands are available in this pack. The first is a traditional suction cup type stand which allows you to attach the PSP to your windscreen or any desk. The stand is flexible and measures 26cm.

The second stand measures 92cm in length and can pretty much wrap around anything, including yourself. The pack of 2 stands costs just $23 if you are crazy enough to want one of these 😉

PSP Cobra Stand Features:

# Suitable for the PSP2000/3000 series console
# Easy to install
# Easily to change viewing angle – 360 degree turnable
# 2 different stands included – Traditional vacum hook stand and Multi-Shape Cobra Stand
# Traditional vacum hook stand – easily to attach any neat surface – Length: 26cm
# Multi-Shape Cobra Stand – easily to bend to any shape – Length: 92cm

Available from Brando.

Via: TechEBlog

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