Nintendo Wii Football Patent

wii-football-patentThe Nintendo Wii has a number of bizarre wiimote attachments to make it in to the likes of some maracas, a golf club, tennis racket, steering wheel etc… The latest is an actual controller unit shaped like an American football.

The patent shows a football controller that is designed to assist in a “real-world” football experience. The problem with it is that to get the real-world experience you need to throw it, run in to things and generally have a rough time with the ball… somehow I can’t see this happening in a living room where a nice 42″ plasma screen sits. [Read more…]

Star Wars Force Trainer

star_wars_force_trainer_comboWe have already mentioned the Star Wars Force Trainer a few months back, but as it’s now available at ThinkGeek we thought we’d mention it again.

The Force is all around us. It flows around and through us. It is between us and that tree and the rock, around our sunken X-Wing, going through our wallet, tickling our armpits, and flowing between our ears. You think we’re joking, but the only way to guide the Force outside your body is to guide the Force inside your head. Yoda told us that once when we had stew over at his house. The stew was ok (if you like licking swamp creatures), but the advice was invaluable.

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GPS Watch with Data Logger, Photo Tagger and More

gps-enabled-watch_2The GPS watch houses 4-in-1 GPS features that let you track your location anywhere on the globe. The watch, as well as telling the time, allows you to track your location, acts as a data logger, photo tagger and a receiver.

The GPS watch can be used for tracking your car by the push of a button. It works by using intelligent LED’s that point you in the right direction back to your car or any other point of interest that you may have logged.

When you are walking back to your car the 360 degree directional lights on the watch will tell you which direction you should be walking. And then when you come within 50 meters of the saved location, the arrows around the watch face will begin flashing, and when you are within 15 meters the arrows will turn blue. This smart function is great for anyone who needs help finding his way back to their car or hotel. Don’t let a massive sea of cars get you lost when your trying to find your car after watching a live football game at a stadium.

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iLogic Sound Hats

iLogic-Sound-HatsThe iLogic Sound Hats come with built in speakers that cover your ears to provide surprisingly good sound quality when worn. The Sound Had connects up to your iPod or any other MP3 player.

3 colours of the Sound Hat are available which are pink, white or black. [Read more…]

Is this what Wikipedia in Print would Look Like?

Printed-WikipediaIf Wikipedia was to get printed in book form then this is what it would look like. Of course, this version shown here is just volume 1 of many 😉

It would also be fun to see all the discussion notes printed too where all the wiki monkeys argue over grammar.

Of course it’s not real though and just a bit of fun 😉 Thanks @thefloatingfrog for Tweeting!

DIY Paper Record Player

DIY-Paper-Record-PlayerPerhaps this DIY Paper Record Player is one of the best hacked gadgets I have seen in a long time.

To build it the creator simply got a sheet of paper and rolled it in to a funnel while attaching a small needle on to the end of the paper with sticky tape. He then holds the funnel to the record while using their other hand to rotate the record which then the funnel pumps out the music. [Read more…]

Nintendo Launches Piano Game Accessory

piano-gameThe Nintendo DS is about to get a rather odd looking accessory for a new piano game that is launching. The game, that’s not actually a game but more of an educational title, is called Easy Piano and the piano attachment has a 1 octave keyboard with 8 notes that runs the full width of the DS.

The title is created by Namco Bandai and allows uses to start off simple and work their way up to classics from Mozart and Beethoven. Other tunes are also included in the piano game such as Bohemian Rhapsody and Jingle Bells to name a few. [Read more…]

Mario Crochet Hat

Mario-Crochet-HatCheck out this Mario Crochet Hat I guess designed to make you look like the Mushroom character from the popular game series.

Each of the Mario Crochet hats are hand-made and colours can be chosen too. [Read more…]

Animated Ominous Eyes

These cool looking eyes Animated-Ominous-EyesThe cool eyes are called the Animated Ominous Eyes and are illuminated to provide a sinister gaze as visitors come to your house at night. The eyes also blink to add to the eerie effect.

The eyes adhere to a window with the built-in suction cups, set up in your yard with the included lawn stakes, or hang in bushes, and can be set to blink slowly or project a fixed, ominous stare. Using electroluminescent technology (the same backlighting used in automotive instrument panels), the pupils and eyelids project a bright red glow that is clearly visible day or night.

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SimBook Stores all your Phone Contacts Manually

simbook-notebookThe SimBook is an object that blends old technology with new technology. In this case we see an old address book shaped to look like a modern SIM card from a mobile phone.

The SimBook looks great and allows you to manually write down, with a regular pen, all your friends names, phone numbers and notes about them. [Read more…]

Recycled Computer RAM Earrings

RAM-EarringsThese earrings are another custom build from Etsy. They are built from recycled computer RAM and hang on silver-plated French hooks. Each earring measures half an inch by 1 inch.

As each earring is custom made it makes every set different and a little unique. [Read more…]

The Pedomostick

pedoThe Pedomostick is a gadget that has 2 functions. The first one is that it’s a regular walking stick and the second function is that it counts each and everyone of your steps as you walk.

The stick is capable of tallying your footsteps, calculates calories burned, measures distance walked and tracks the time you have spent walking. [Read more…]