Lamborghini takes a Swim – Becomes Amphibious

Upon seeing the title of a blog posts saying a Labborghini was Amphibious I was expecting to see a picture of a sad bloke upset that his Lambo sunk in the water and was destroyed. I was surprised when I actually saw a Lamborghini floating around the water like boat. Check out the pictures below!

amphibious-lamborghini-modThis Lamborghini has been converted to go in the water by being made water tight as well as a few extras. The car is a Countach that works on land or on sea. Does this make it the world first and only amphibious supercar? It seems like it to me unless someone in the comments can say other wise.



Via: GadgetLite


  1. Chris - LG Blog says

    oh gosh. All my dreams since seeing the underwater lotus in The Spy Who Loved Me have now come true.

  2. And people say James Bond’s cars are an impossibility. Here’s to you naysayers. Drink it in.

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