Nano-Tech Aqua Dance Game

aqua_dance_gameThe Aqua Dance Game uses nano-technology to create hyper-beading water particles. What you do is fill up the tank with regular water, push a pump a few times to pressurise the water. You then turn a lever underneath that controls the size and speed of the water beads and then sit back and watch the crazy water bounce off the nano-tech surface which causes the hyper-bead to happen.

With the reduced friction the natural surface tension of the water takes over to create some unusual liquid dynamics. You’ll find beautiful patterns in the water that are different each time. The ridges and funnels on the surface scatter the water in unpredictable ways as it zooms like quicksilver to the bottom.

Aqua Dance Game Features

* Amazing desktop waterfall uses nanotechnology to turn ordinary water into a lightning fast mercury-like substance
* 2 different styles to chose from each with different surface obstacles
* Uses “Adesso WR”, a nano-tech agent invented and patented by Nikka Kagaku Co., Ltd
* No batteries required
* Imported from Japan
* Dimensions: 14.5cm x 11.7cm x 2.5cm

Available from ThinkGeek costing $39.99.

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