Multi Tector – Idiot Detector

multi-tectorThe Multi-Tector is a fun gadget that allows you to shout out the “Idiot” among you. 6 different settings can be found in the multi-tector that can be chosen to point out who is who. I’ll explain further…

The Multi-Tectors 6 settings include Genius, Idiot, Crazy, Liar, Dork and Sucks”. The idea behind it is that you select which category you want, wave the multi-tector at friends and when you move past the friend who you want to shout out as Dork, you grip a button on the top of the device. Kind of pointless, but it might provide a few minutes of entertainment at the party. 🙂

Select one of the Six different detector settings by turning the wheels located on the backside of the detector.

Hold the detector between your thumb and forefinger. Touch both of the bottom contacts with your forefinger to activate the green LED light and the constant “tick-tick” sound.

Wave the ticking detector in front of your friends. Single out a particular person by secretly pressing the top button with your thumb. This activates the red LED light and the alert sound.

The multi-tector is available from Stupidiotic and costs $8.


  1. Chris - LG Blog says

    “at the party”???

    I’m looking at this for the office to be honest.

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