Sony HDR TG3 Camcorder

sony-hdr-tg3-camcorderThe Sony HDR TG3 camcorder can capture movies at a HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is very small (the worlds smallest currently) according to Sony and is capable of capturing the movie on to a Memory Stick Pro Duo card. [Read more…]

Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

fisherprice-kid-tough-digital-cameraFisher Price have gone a little more hitech recently with their Fisher Price DVD player, and now a Fisher Price kid-tough digital camera. With the camera being kid-tough it is built rugged and ready to go almost anywhere. [Read more…]

Scallop Imaging – Digital Window

scallopcamThe Digital Window is Scallop Imaging’s latest security camera that gives a full 180-degree panoramic view. [Read more…]

Super Secret Spy Lens

super-secret-spy-lensThis gadget is quite crazy but might potentially work. The Super Secret Spy Lens is a lens extension which works like a periscope in that it has a 45 degree angled mirror that takes a picture of something to the side of you instead of forwards. [Read more…]

Wrap-Up Tripod

wrap-up-tripodSometimes a camera tripod is an essential device to have with you to capture the better photographs that require a steady hand. Unfortunately they are just too big to carry around for the regular holiday goers who carry a point and shoot camera. Luckily a neat new fold up tripod has been created that is small enough to fit in your pocket. [Read more…]

Universal Photo Timer

photo-timerIf you want to capture amazing photographs with split second precision on the timing then you need to pick up a Universal Photo Timer. This little device allows you to trigger your camera on various events such as noises, light beams and other various sources. [Read more…]

Zink Digital Camera and Printer

zinktomycameraYou don’t see too many Polaroid Instant Camera’s around these days as most people have switched to digital cameras. Yet, some people still want to get pictures printed instantly. Zink have made a digital camera that is also capable of printing small pictures from it’s insides. [Read more…]

Canon 5D Mark II HD Video Test

Akihabara News recently got their hands on a Canon 5D Mark II camera. They created the above video to show how good the HD video features of the camera are. [Read more…]

Canon Error 99 Firmware Update

canon-err99If you are the lucky owner of a Canon EOS 50D, but pestered from time to time by the Canon Error 99 message that pops up then Canon’s latest firmware update is for you. [Read more…]

Pets Eye View Digital Camera

pet-eye-view-cameraThe Pets Eye View Digital Camera is a unique and weird type of idea. The camera attaches to your dogs collar and snaps pictures of it’s surroundings at certain intervals. [Read more…]

Canon EOS 50D

canon-eos-50dRecently there have been pictures of a Canon EOS 50D camera being displayed on a few gadget sites. Some claimed they were fake, others believed they were real. Canon has now given an official announcement… and the EOS 50D is real. [Read more…]

Tiny Robot Camera you Swallow

tiny-robot-for-medical-applicationsResearchers have developed a tiny camera the size of a pill that can be used to examine your internal organs. To get it to work you simply swallow it and let the Dr’s explore around your innards. [Read more…]