Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

fisherprice-kid-tough-digital-cameraFisher Price have gone a little more hitech recently with their Fisher Price DVD player, and now a Fisher Price kid-tough digital camera. With the camera being kid-tough it is built rugged and ready to go almost anywhere.

The fisher price kid tough digital camera has sturdy grips to allow your child to firmly hold the camera. A built in flash can be found and the whole thing is waterproof too. It is aimed at children aimed 3 years upwards and lets them document their favourite things. The camera has 2 view finders that allow the children to look through with both eyes.

Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera Requirements

* Ages: 3 and up
* Requires: Four AAA batteries
* Easy to Start Taking Pictures

An adult will need to use a screwdriver to install the four AAA batteries before kids get their hands on this camera. With a textured button on the front that releases the shutter and large buttons on the back that let little hands turn the camera on and off, browse through pictures and delete images, using this camera is so easy it doesn’t need to come with instructions.

64MB of memory can be found inside that allows the camera to store up to 500 images. There are 2 resolution settings that see the camera work at 0.3 megapixels and 1.3 interpolated mega pixels. Although the pictures are not going to be the best of quality, it still will be enough to capture their favourite things. Images can then be printed by transferring them to your PC, or viewed on a 1.5″ LCD screen.

The camera is available from Amazon and currently costs $48.88.

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