Wrap-Up Tripod

wrap-up-tripodSometimes a camera tripod is an essential device to have with you to capture the better photographs that require a steady hand. Unfortunately they are just too big to carry around for the regular holiday goers who carry a point and shoot camera. Luckily a neat new fold up tripod has been created that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

wrap-up-tripodThe fold-up tripod comes in a small ultra slim case that you just unwrap the legs, sit a camera on top, shoot, fold up and move along. The case for the tripod is also used as the camera case too making the whole thing completely compact.

Unlike other portable peripherals, you needn’t worry about losing this handy accessory or fumbling around for it in your pockets because it mounts to your camera via its screw-in tripod socket and stays put permanently, even while you take the shot.

The case is made of stretchy neoprene that utilises a Velcro closure to wrap it all up. The Wrap-Up tripod costs £19.95 from Firebox.

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