Fisher Price DVD Player

fisher_price_dvdFisher Price toys have been around for years and have focussed on making big bright and almost indestructible toys for children to use. They are now moving with the time a little more by creating a Fisher Price DVD player with a built in LCD screen.

The Fisher Price DVD is kid-tough and features a 3.2 inch LCD display which delivers crystal clear images. The shell of the DVD player is rubberised which protects it from being dropped and thrown around. Also inside, the DVD player has shock and skip-proof technology allowing for the DVD to continue playing in the most violent of circumstances.

The DVD player is battery powered and capable of running for 2 hours on a single charge. The battery’s are rechargeable and a charging unit is supplied although it is unclear if this DVD player can be connected up to a 12v supply commonly found in most cars so that you can power it for a long journey.

Available at Amazon in 2 colours.

Via: OhGizmo

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