Pentax K2000 DSLR Goes on Sale

pentax_k2000_white-frontPentax have relaunched the K2000 DSLR but this time in white. This cool looking camera has just begun shipping and costs $679.95 with 2 lenses. [Read more…]

D-Link Home Security Cams Launched

dcs-2121-wireless-camD-Link has launched a couple of new home security cameras named the DCS-2121 and the DCS-910. The DCS-2121 is a wireless camera while the lower end model, the DCS-910 requires a wired connection to function. [Read more…]

Nikon D3 – Chopped in Half

inside-a-nikon-d3Nikon are one of the big players in the digital SLR market, so for some these images might hurt. At the Tokyo Eco Products convention that was held in December 2008 a Nikon D3 was cut in half and put on display. [Read more…]

iPhone CameraBag – Instant Photo Processing

iphone-camerabagCameraBag is an application that runs on the iPhone and allows you to make quick edits to your photos right on the iPhone. [Read more…]

Minoru 3D Webcam

3d-webcam3D is making a comeback in the world. With a bunch of 3D TVs becoming available there seems to be a push for adding that extra dimension to viewing a movie. This webcam follows along this vein and has become the worlds first 3D webcam to be made. [Read more…]

1474 Megapixel Photo – President Obamas Inaugural Address

1474-megapixel-photoThis incredible photo was taken at the Inaugural Address that President Obama made a few days ago. In total it measures 1474 megapixels and allows you to zoom right in to see faces of the people viewing in some cases. [Read more…]

Improved Webcam Sensors Coming Soon

omnivisionWebcams don’t always have the best image quality that we hope for when buying them. This can be due to a number of conditions such as bad lighting, low resolution, a tiny lens or a not so good sensor. [Read more…]

Sony introduce a WiFi Camera

sony-dsc-g3-cybershotSony’s latest Cybershot camera, the DSC-G3, has built in Wi-fi features. The camera uses 802.11b/g wireless networking to automatically send your images direct to web services such as Flickr and your videos to Youtube. [Read more…]

Casio Exilim EX-FS10 and EX-FC100 – 1000 FPS

casio_ex-fs100Casio were showing off their latest point and shoot digital cameras at this years CES. The amazing thing about these new Casio Exilim cameras is that they can record video with a frame rate of at least 1000 fps… that’s just crazy and cool. [Read more…]

Flipbac Camera Screen Mirror

flipbacWhen taking photos at a difficult angle on a digital camera it is often a problem to see the screen correctly. By not being able to see the screen you then have the problem that the subject might be missing completely or not where you want them to be in the shot. Flipbac aims to tackle this problem. [Read more…]

Kodak Z980 with 24x Megazoon

kodakz980Kodak are about to launch their latest digital camera which has an amazing 24x optical zoom lens. The camera is named the Z980 and will cost around $399 when launched. [Read more…]

Magnetic Camera Phone Lenses

iphone-zoom-lensPhone cameras can be handy devices, but at the same time they often lack what a regular digital camera can do due to the lack of a decent sized lens and only having digital zoom. For this reason these cool little magnetic lenses have been created which are compatible with the Apple iPhone as well as many other camera phones. [Read more…]