Tiny Robot Camera you Swallow

tiny-robot-for-medical-applicationsResearchers have developed a tiny camera the size of a pill that can be used to examine your internal organs. To get it to work you simply swallow it and let the Dr’s explore around your innards.

The researchers at Carnegie Mellon University also developed the pill to be wireless so that a chunky cable is not needed to be run down your throat. Wireless works both ways in that it can send images back to the Dr or receive information about where to go. This allows the pill to be completely controlled by the Doctor. The pill is adhesive allowing it to stick to the insides of your intestine but not too sticks that it rips a chunk of intestine out when it is removed. It has tiny legs which control where the device will go.

It will be interesting to see where this goes as it could provide valuable information about the insides of your body and deliver pictures that used to be got by opening someone up.

One question… how does it come out?

Via: TechChee

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