Scallop Imaging – Digital Window

scallopcamThe Digital Window is Scallop Imaging’s latest security camera that gives a full 180-degree panoramic view.

The Digital Window is very impressive too as it has 5 mobile phone cameras built in that provide images around the 180 degrees. Custom software is then responsible for stitching the images seamlessly together to create 1 solid image. Each camera is a 7 megapixel camera, and each camera can shoot at 15 frames per second. This is a serious piece of security equipment!

To transfer the streamed images to your computer you need to hook up a 10/100 network cable. At the transfer rate and 15 frames per second at 7 x 7 megapixels you better have a decent harddrive at the other end!

Via: Coolest-Gadgets


  1. Awesome idea – I love the fact it can do video as well. Hook two back to back and you can get 360 degree vision!

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