Wireless Dental Camera

wireless_dental_cameraIf you ever fancied a look around your teeth then you need to pick up one of these inter-oral wireless cameras which allow you to see what your teeth actually look like. The camera has a 1.3 megapixel sensor which can capture video and still images. [Read more…]

Samsung TL9 with Analog Gauges

samsung-tl9The TL9 is a camera built by Samsung which also is capable of MP3 playback and PMP functionality. The most unique feature of this camera has to be the dual analog gauges which represent battery life and memory usage. [Read more…]

Hasselblad 50 Megapixel Camera

hasselblad-h3dii-50-digital-cameraWhen 5 – 12 megapixels on a camera are not enough you might want to consider buying the new Hasselblad 50 megapixel camera. The H3DII-50 boasts the worlds largest sensor. The sensor it’s self measures 36x48mm and is built by Kodak. [Read more…]

BenQs Worlds Slimmest 8-Mega Pixel Camera

t850_cameraThe T850 is BenQ’s latest digital camera to hit the shelves. The camera has an 8 megapixel CCD and claims to be the worlds thinnest too. [Read more…]

PhotoTrackr Pro – GPS Picture Tracking

phototrackr_proWhen taking pictures, you often do not remember exactly where the picture was taken. Should you want to revisit that location, or find it on a map, you will probably find you have no chance of knowing. The PhotoTrackr Pro is a GPS device which tracks the exact longitude and latitude where the picture was taken. [Read more…]

Sanyo Xacti CG9 Compact Video Camera

xacti_cg9The Xacti CG9 is built by Sanyo and is their latest compact video camera. The camera is a little fatter then normal which was designed this way on purpose. [Read more…]

Mini USB Digital Camera with no LCD

This concept mini digital camera tries to take photography back a few years, but bring it to now at the same time. It is a small USB flash drive with a camera built in and it just has 1 button. There is no LCD on the back and there is no view finder. The whole purpose of the camera is to just have you point, shoot and then have to wait till you are back at your PC to see the results which is just like the waiting time to get pictures developed.

It’s not the best idea I have come across, but I can see it as doing quite well should it become available. If the cameras are cheap enough (< $10) then they would make ideal little cameras to take around while out and about so you can snap away, but not worry about it getting damaged. USB-Digital-Camera View Finder

Via: LikeCool and YankoDesign

Digital Picture Converter

Digital Picture Converter
Many people will still have old 35mm slides and film negatives which will either deteriorate over time or end up being damaged or lost. This Digital Picture Converter allows you to easily convert those slides and negatives in to digital images on the computer. The box aligns each negative correctly and a touch of a button quickly scans the image to the PC. The resolution is 5 mega pixels with 10 bits per colour channel. The focus is fixed as well as the colour balance.

For $99.95 you could be getting a great deal if you have a lot of pictures to convert. The Digital Picture Converter is available from Hammacher.

Retro Webcam

Retro Webcam
This retro webcam may look old, but it packs in a good number of features which make it perfect for any computer users desk. The retro webcam can fit on top of a flat screen, or a tripod and has a glass lens, hidden microphone built in and can record both video and still shots in 24 bit colour. The focus of the camera is 5cm-infinity and resolution (VGA) of 640 x 480. Exposure on the images is controlled automatically or manually. It connects to your USB port and is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista.

The Retro Webcam will set you back £24.99 in the UK (about $45 USD)

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Sony Cybershot DSC-H3

The DSC-H3 is Sony’s latest Cybershot camera to be made available. The camera has an ample 8.1 mega pixel CCD and a Carl Zeiss lens. What makes the lens interest me is that it is a 10x optical zoom lens. Having that much optical zoom is far better then digital zoom that is quite common in cameras.

[Read more…]