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ChargeCard Kickstarter project triples its goal with time to spare

Although we didn’t cover the ChargeCard project on KickStarter when it first appears on July 18th… not sure why as it looks amazing! I see today that they have 63 hours to go at the time of writing this and have raised three times more than their goal of $50,000. At the moment they have raised $151,248 funded by 5,173 backers. Impressive numbers! That amount of cash puts them in the top 50 of all KickStarter projects ever funded.

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Evernote partners with Moleskine and makes a Smart Notebook

Evernote has a few tricks up its sleeve at the moment. They already announced Evernote Business at a conference and also at that same conference they also announced Smartbooks in a partnership with Moleskine.

For those of you unaware of what Moleskine does, the company makes notebooks (the real paper type and not electronic type). The notebooks are used by a good number of people due to the high quality build.

Evernote of course is aiming to get rid of paper although Phil Libin himself (CEO of Evernote) commented that he still uses paper to take some notes.

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Evernote for Business coming very soon

The very popular Evernote service will soon be opening up for business users. The aim behind the new product is to get small and medium sized businesses online, or even small businesses within a large business.

Evernote Business will work with groups of users who will have access to documents on the server. Each business user will have his or her private notebook area, but will also be able to tie in with the main business and share/edit documents stored more widely.

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How the Facebook Android app can be fixed…

Here’s an interesting way on how Facebook can fix the Android Facebook app. The company has now insisted that employees use Facebook on Android devices so that they can see first hand how bad it is.

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Forget 4K TV – Attention now on 8K

Well, just yesterday I wrote about the PlayStation 4 and it being a possibility of it supporting 4K resolutions (meaning 4096 pixels wide by however many vertical). Today in the news I now see that a company has built a few 8K cameras capable of capturing at an impressive 120 frames per second. The resolution is 7680 by 4320 pixels making each image extremely huge in size.

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Amazon press conference going ahead on September 6

Amazon has sent out invites for a press conference it is holding on September 6th. The event is being held in Santa Monica and at the moment, that’s all that is being announced by the company.

Speculation at the moment is revolving around the launch of a new Kindle Fire 2 or perhaps even a smartphone. Alternative options could be a new generation Kindle announced (of the reader variety), perhaps one with colour eInk, or perhaps back-lit.

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Facebook app for iOS gets updated – speed increase!!

Facebook has released an update for its app on iOS devices. The new update has been “built from the ground up” and now drops HTML5 and switches that for native iOS programming to keep it running. The result is that the app runs far smoother than previous versions.

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PlayStation 4 will probably support 4K resolution

Many rumours about the PlayStation 4 are going around in preparation for a launch in the next year or two. The latest rumour comes from a source of BGR that says the PlayStation 4 will support resolutions up to 4K.

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Apple releases Mountain Lion update to fix a few bugs

Apple has released the first update for OS X Mountain Lion today. The new update takes Mountain Lion users from OS X 10.8 to 10.8.1. With that update, which requires an update I’ll point out, fixes a few issues such as iMessage, Thunderbolt issues as well as battery life issues on MacBooks.

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500 TB of data per day processed by Facebook

Facebook is a busy website with millions of people constantly logging in. Every so often the company shares a bit of information about what kinds of numbers they are dealing with. The latest come in reveal that the site is absolutely huge such as 2.7 billion likes made daily along with 300 million photos uploaded daily.

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Google Play Gift Cards launch

Over the last week some pictures of Google Play Gift Cards were uploaded with a hint that they will be launching soon. Google has now made the Gift Cards available to purchase.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II teased in video

At the bottom of this post is a video that was launched a few days ago that gives a few quick looks at the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is scheduled to be announced on August 29.

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