Evernote partners with Moleskine and makes a Smart Notebook

Evernote has a few tricks up its sleeve at the moment. They already announced Evernote Business at a conference and also at that same conference they also announced Smartbooks in a partnership with Moleskine.

For those of you unaware of what Moleskine does, the company makes notebooks (the real paper type and not electronic type). The notebooks are used by a good number of people due to the high quality build.

Evernote of course is aiming to get rid of paper although Phil Libin himself (CEO of Evernote) commented that he still uses paper to take some notes.

With that in mind, the two companies have joined forces to let each product work hand in hand. It is typical for a Moleskine user to be technical savvy which means that there are many who already likely use Evernote. What Moleskine has done is create what is called the Smart notebook. This book has specially formated paper that also utilises stickers. When you capture the contents of your smart notebook with your iPhone camera, it picks up on the stickers and can file the page away and make it searchable.

The smart notebooks are available now and cost $24.95 for a pocket sized book and $29.95 for a large notebook. Although quite a hefty price for a notebook, if you purchase one, you will likely carry on buying one due to the quality of them. There’s just something about the quality of a Moleskine that makes you want to keep using them.


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