PlayStation 4 will probably support 4K resolution

Many rumours about the PlayStation 4 are going around in preparation for a launch in the next year or two. The latest rumour comes from a source of BGR that says the PlayStation 4 will support resolutions up to 4K.

What that means is that it will display resolutions that are about 4 times that of full HD at 1080p. Although there is no exact standard for 4K at the moment, resolutions tend to be around the 4096 pixels horizontal mark and 1714 – 3112 pixels high depending on the aspect ratio. To put that in to perspective, a full HD screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels. A 4K screen can fit four of those screens in to the same space and have a bit of room to spare.

Although the games system will likely support 4K, it will obviously connect up to 1080p and we assume lower resolution TVs although for those lucky enough to have a 4K TV at the time, you’ll get to see some stunning in-game visuals higher than any other games console available at the moment.

No release date for the PlayStation 4 is known but I do believe it isn’t too far away now, as in 1… perhaps 2 years at the most at a guess.

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