Facebook app for iOS gets updated – speed increase!!

Facebook has released an update for its app on iOS devices. The new update has been “built from the ground up” and now drops HTML5 and switches that for native iOS programming to keep it running. The result is that the app runs far smoother than previous versions.

The app was made available within the last hour or so and from my initial tests, it does indeed seem far slicker than the previous versions. Even on the latest iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd gen, the previous version of the Facebook app was extremely clunky with scrolling down the timeline being very sluggish and jerky. The new version runs far smoother and gives users a far more pleasant experience.

The app is now version 5.0 and with that, 4 specific changes have been mentioned:

We’ve rebuilt the app so it’s faster and easier to use.
* Scrolling through news feed is faster than ever
* New banner lets you tap to quickly see more stories – no need to refresh
* Photos open fast and close with one downward swipe
* Instant access to your notifications

Note that the design hasn’t changed. Facebook has kept the design almost the same other than a few tweaks to the photos section and perhaps slightly wider photos on the main screen. Other than that, it’s the same app but just more quicker.

The update is available through the usual channels which are through an iTunes “check for updates” or via the App Store app on the iPhone. Grab it now!

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