Forget 4K TV – Attention now on 8K

Well, just yesterday I wrote about the PlayStation 4 and it being a possibility of it supporting 4K resolutions (meaning 4096 pixels wide by however many vertical). Today in the news I now see that a company has built a few 8K cameras capable of capturing at an impressive 120 frames per second. The resolution is 7680 by 4320 pixels making each image extremely huge in size.

Although it’s unlikely we will see an 8K TV in our homes within a few years, we might see the technology used to project even higher quality images on to the screen. From what I understand, the image quality is just superb and as it runs at 120fps rather than the usual 25, it makes for a seriously high quality video stream.

At the moment, only three cameras have been built and when I say three cameras I mean three individual cameras and not three different models. Those are the only cameras that can capture at that high resolution correctly.

It is unclear at the moment if UHDTV will be necessary in a standard home as a regular 40 – 50 inch screen cramming that many pixels on it with viewers sitting several feet away will probably not spot the difference from that and 4K. Either way, expect to see the technology weave its way slowly in to cinemas in a few years time and perhaps in to a few homes that have room for a large enough screen to take advantage of it.


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