ChargeCard Kickstarter project triples its goal with time to spare

Although we didn’t cover the ChargeCard project on KickStarter when it first appears on July 18th… not sure why as it looks amazing! I see today that they have 63 hours to go at the time of writing this and have raised three times more than their goal of $50,000. At the moment they have raised $151,248 funded by 5,173 backers. Impressive numbers! That amount of cash puts them in the top 50 of all KickStarter projects ever funded.

ChargeCard is a small and thin credit card sized charging adapter for an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The aim of it is to allow you to always carry a charging cable with you without the hassle of a cable that gets itself in knots and causes too much bulk to be carried. The ChargeCard measures just 0.1 inches thick which is just 2.54mm. It has a flexible arm that folds out that connects to any USB port that provides power. The other side of the card has a regular 30 pin Apple dock connector that you can connect an iPhone or similar device to.

As well as making an iPhone version, the company behind it is making a microUSB version as well so that various Android phones as well as BlackBerrys, as well as other devices can also be supported.

As for the next generation iPhone support, there have been plenty of rumours circulating about the iPhone 5 and all future Apple products using a far smaller dock connector. Good news is that when confirmation of the dock connector is made (probably on September 12), the team behind the ChargeCard will also have a next gen iOS device version ready and available.

Thanks to the generosity of backers, the company has also decided to move manufacturing to southern California and has opted for higher quality plastics.

Fantastic idea and well worth backing… full details over on the KickStarter page.

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