Samsung Galaxy Note II teased in video

At the bottom of this post is a video that was launched a few days ago that gives a few quick looks at the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is scheduled to be announced on August 29.

The video features Wim Wenders who is a director from Germany. He discusses a few things about moments coming alive and you get to see a few quick glimpses of an S-Pen writing and scribbling notes on a screen.

Although you wont see the full device, you do get an idea of what it will be about.

The rumoured specs show that it has a slightly larger screen at 5.5 inches and that the screen will be a HD Super AMOLED. The processor powering the device is said to be a quad-core Exynos although some hints are now suggesting that it might even include a later generation Exynos 5 Dual chip. But, at the moment most, if not all details, have been kept quiet by Samsung and will be kept quiet until it is announced at IFA in Germany at the end of this month.

Although a large 5.5 inch screened phone isn’t something everyone wants, it certainly has drummed up a lot of interest over the past few months as it surprisingly has done well in sales (specifically talking about the original Note of course).

I’ll have all the details later on this month when the device is announced.


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