How the Facebook Android app can be fixed…

Here’s an interesting way on how Facebook can fix the Android Facebook app. The company has now insisted that employees use Facebook on Android devices so that they can see first hand how bad it is.

The information comes from Facebook employees who spoke to Business Insider about a practice what is referred to as dogfooding. What that means is that employees need to use the products that suck the most. In this case, Facebook wants its employees to use the Android app, see how bad it is and then fix the problems that it is faced with.

On another note, the iOS version of the app just got updated yesterday which took the app from being extremely annoying and slow to being quite pleasant to use. Scrolling is as smooth as it should be on an iOS device and it now just works better. Hopefully the dogfooding exercise at Facebook on the android app will achieve similar results.

Although news reports hint at the Android Facebook app being horrible to use, on Google Play it seems to have mixed reviews although most of the latter reviews are 1 or 2 stars at most with people simply saying its broken, has flaws, is slow etc…

Hopefully in a few months time a new app will be available to fix the issues.


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