Google TV Via Logitechs New Box out 29th Sept’ ???

Its been reported that the 29th of September is to be the release date for Logitechs new Google TV box. A good few weeks earlier than at first rumored. So those pining after this may be more than satisfied.

Its been named as the Logitech Revue,  though with a fairly hefty price tag of $299, will the Google box still attract the consumer to investing their hard-earned cash especially when Apple will have their own version for only $99? Will this phase Google?

That said, according to an anonymous report given to Engadget, the $299 price tag be discounted to a little over half as much if you are already a DISH subscriber.

Again, nothing has been officially announced yet and according to CNET, Logitech refused to make give any confirmations.

Via: and Engadget

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