1,000,000 Google TV’s By End Of This Year

That’s the number of TV shipments that Digitimes have reported due to the number of Logitech Revue boxes set to be dispatched to North America by the end of the year (approx. 500,000), as well as other Google based TV systems including that of Sony’s.

According to Digitimes, Google is also said to have outsourced its Google TV’s production to Taiwan-based Gigabyte Technology with Gigabyte already having received the Revue Set-Top-Boxes orders for one year. Then with other device manufacturers pushing out STB’s including, Apple, Intel, Asustek and Acer, the market for Google TV should soon see pretty rapid growth.

For those of you who aren’t yet aware, Google TV is an internet TV based system that will allow users to access all of their usual TV channels as well as gaining access to an abundance of cloud-based information and applications, including Adobe’s Flash based content such as “YouTube” from their own living rooms with equal ease to that of using a laptop or PC.

You can read up on more about Google TV by clicking here.

(Via androidos.in and Digitimes)

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