iOS 4.2 Could Bring Tethering to iPad

It is widely believed that the iPad will never support internet tethering. The reasons for thinking this way is that Steve Jobs said it himself at an event.

However, the latest iOS 4.2 beta build (beta 2) shows things a little differently in that in the Cellular Data menu in the Settings app, there are clearly some options for setting up internet tethering such as an APN, username and password.

This particular iPad (screen shot below) is on the Three network in Europe, so perhaps the tethering options are region specific or perhaps even network specific.

If tethering does make it in to the final build of iOS 4.2, we should find out at launch.

When 9to5Mac tested this on their AT&T based iPad, the options were not available on the Cellular Data menu which makes us inclined to think that its network specific rather than an option for all.

We’ll keep you updated and let you know if anything changes.

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