CKB Flash Drive from Super Talent Designed for Keychains

Super Talent has created the CKB USB flash drive that has been designed to attach to your keychain. The reason for creating it was due to the need to carry keys around with you when you leave your home. If a flash drive is attached to them, you’ll never forget to carry it around with you.

Storage capacities for the CKB starts at 2GB and goes all the way up to 32GB. Dimensions of the flash drive reveal it measures 40mm x 25.9mm x 3.7mm making it quite compact.

Other features include a rugged design so that it doesn’t get damaged while on your keychain. Compatibility with USB 1.1 and 2.0 is standard. Each drive is water resistant and most operating systems require no drivers be installed to use it.

Super Talent say that the device can retain data for at least 10 years. Weight wise, its just 6g in total making it rather light too.

More details at Super Talent.

Via: Crunch Gear

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