Roomba Celestial Navigation System Patent

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner appears to currently employ a random approach to vacuuming the carpet in a house although we have been informed that its more involved that being just random. In that way, we mean that it does cover every part of the floor a certain amount of times to make sure every square inch is clear.

This new patent though looks to make cleaning the floor even more accurate. It uses external celestial beacons that track Roombas movements across the floor and that data looks to then be used to create a map of the floor and a way to vacuum it. We assume that this will also ensure every inch is vacuumed as well as making it quicker to vacuum the floor.

Hopefully iRobot can keep the Roombas relatively cheap robot vacuum from becoming too expensive. Right now, although the regular Roomba could be classed as pricey, its cheaper than others on the market.

It isn’t clear if this particular cleaning and direction method will be employed although its certainly interesting to see which direction the company may be moving.

Via: Engadget

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