T-Mobile G2 Unboxing Video Lands on YouTube

It appears that a T-Mobile G2 has been delivered a little earlier than expected. Someone managed to get their hands on one from somewhere, either through the post or perhaps a store worker.

The lucky person managed to capture some video of the device showing it being unboxed and having a quick test to show us what its about. As we often see with sneaky early videos, the phone is captured by blurry cam which means the quality isn’t good at all although you do get an idea of how it looks and what its about.

The unboxing video can be found embedded just below. Let us know what you think of the new smartphone.

Via: Phandroid


  1. Mike Fitzgerald says

    Having never owned a smartphone, I’m seriously considering purchasing this on the day it is available. It looks to be everything that I think a smartphone should be.

  2. Yaaahhhhhh, Got mine this morning from UPS man!!!!!!!! and lovin it………..

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