Personal Ultrasound Device

This cool gadget is a personal ultra sound device which allows physicians to scan patients while on the run rather then booking them in to the usual specialised ultra sound suite. It is built by a company named Signostics Medical and allows patients to be diagnosed pretty much anywhere.

It weighs just 320g and also functions as a stethoscope as well as having the ability to use transducer positioning technology and micro technology to create high res images of patients innards.

The small display is operated with a stylus making it user friendly for the Dr using it. Ports included on the personal ultrasound device are a USB port, microSD slot, headphone slot, power slot and a flashlight is included too. By using the USB port it allows the device to interface with a laptop allowing for larger images to be seen on a larger screen.

It’s quite a nifty device if you ask me. Details can be found over here.



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