Transformer USB Flash Drive

transformers-usb-driveWith the launch of the new Transformers movie coming soon it’s time we started seeing a few more gadgets themed as such. Along comes the Transformer USB Flash Drive. The flash drive is capable of transforming in to Ravage who was a pet robot of Soundwave.

Soundwave was a robot that transformed in to a cassette player and the cassettes inside also transformed in to various creatures, Ravage being one of them. The problem these days with this thinking is that nobody uses cassettes any more which makes using a USB flash drive the perfect alternative.

The Transformers flash drive comes with a 2GB storage capacity and is compatible with Windows OS’s as well as Mac and comes at a cost of $42.99. The downside to this fantastic flash drive is that it wont ship till September when everyone has forgotten about the movie. Oh well.

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