Hi-Den Vision to launch the HD-0311 HDMI Player

Hi-Den Vision, a Hong Kong based company, have created the HD-0311. It is classed as the “worlds smallest HDMI hi-def photo player for those who love photography and travelling”. What the HD-0311 allows you to do is view high-def photos and movies of a resolution of 1080p. The device has a HDMI output allowing you to connect it up to the nearest plasma or LCD screen and view all your media they way it should be viewed.

The HDMI player measures just 4.8 cm wide, 10.1 cm in length and 1.6 cm high and weighs just 50g. There are no details of pricing or availability just yet.



  1. Electronic Gadgets says

    Great size package, nice form and the remote looks fantastic as well. Can’t wait to see the price point on this unit.

  2. Will this be the smallest one for the next few months? … 🙂

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