Human-Rh Digital Photo Frame with TV

digital-photo-frame-tv-tunerDigital Photo Frames tend to be kind of boring due to them sitting there just displaying pictures which makes them all the same. Occasionally a slightly nicer interface is available or you might find one that can receive images via email… but they are still boring. This latest one could possibly change that by introducing a DTV tuner that allows you to use the frame as a mini TV.

The photo frame is called the Human-Rh and comes in 2 models which are the 7.6″ HDPF-760D and the 8″ HDPF-800D.

The 7.6″ model makes use of an AMOLED screen and uses a DMB tuner. The larger 8 inch model uses LCD for the screen and has a wider variety of tuners built in which allow usage of 1seg, T-DMB, DVB-T and CMMB which makes it compatible with more regions around the world.

In my opinion, it makes this photo frame a lot more attractive as you could easily sit it on your desk next to your PC and keep up with sports etc… while working away. Very handy! Also doubling as a photo frame you can still switch to displaying photos when the TV part is not needed.

On the technical side of things the photo frames both come with 2GB of onboard memory as well as accepting memory cards for expansion. A USB port can also be found on the device that allows you to send images from your PC to the frame.

No pricing or availability details are known just yet but check out the video below to see it in action.

Via: Aving

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